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New Shoes

As Paulo Nutini, that great Scottish bard sang ‘I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything is right’. He wasn’t wrong.

Despite being a physio of fair experience, a physio who often reminds clients about the importance of changing your trainers at the appropriate intervals, I appeared to have dropped the bollock on that myself. And the only thing I can put it down to is not writing down all my training runs and totally underestimating how much running I had actually been doing.

Last year I replaced my Saucony with an identical Saucony. I was focussing on the London Triathlon so in my mind my training had mainly been cycling and swimming, my two weak points. Running when it happened didn’t seem to be as important in the training diary that I kept. It was all about water and wheels. After the triathlon my regimented diary keeping seemed to tail off and again in my head so had my running.

About a week ago I started to have severe pain in my left foot, right under the big toe. I could hardly put my foot to the floor. I mentioned it to my other half, and when I suggested I needed new trainers he laughed and said ‘Nah, you’ve only just got those’. I felt like that too (although I’m sure he’s trying to stop me shopping) but the foot pain was telling me something wasn’t right. I looked at the tread and they didn’t seem overly worn. I did the squish test and they still seemed fairly robust. I then put my hand inside the left shoe and found a huge dent that was the size of my big toe, not just a little put of wear but almost worn through the trainer. How the ‘eff had I missed that?

I then went back through my training diary again up until I had stopped recording runs. I scrolled through Strava and discovered a fair few runs that I had completely forgotten about. But I had managed to convince myself I wasn’t doing that much running, because many of the runs had been so short that I had taken them for granted perhaps? So note to self…..


When I totted it all up I had about 300 miles on paper (good old pen and paper). That’s not including runs that have completely left my memory altogether. I must completely switch off for some of those runs and I really believe that. The Sauconys went in the bin and I found myself some neutral Asics at an outlet store (Macarthur Glen Asics store in Bridgend, what a discovery!). First couple of runs and all the weird aches and pains in my feet and calves have eased off. Funny that *head butts desk at own stupidity*

So the moral of the story? Keep your training diary up to date. It all counts. Slow, fast, long or short, those runs all contribute to improving you and wearing out your shoes. If I make a resolution to keep my diary and a note of the date I start running in new shoes I might avoid total shoe disaster next time. And in new shoes the Reading Half Marathon might actually be alright.




Bulls, Horns, Jelly Legs and Saying Yes.

As I’m sat here just now I feel like my head is in a bit of a spin. I have said ‘yes’ to something that I never thought I would. I have pounced on an opportunity instead of letting it pass me by and then doing the inevitable ‘what ifs’. No, no. Instead I said yes and got massive jelly legs at my audacity in going against my habitual ‘no, I can’t do it, what will people think?’ mind set. I hope that what I’ve done will work out but if it doesn’t, at least I can say I TRIED.

I have also said ‘yes’ to being a volunteer physiotherapist for Cricket Wales’ senior women’s team. Instead of wondering if I should do it and going over it and having an argument with myself I just applied and now I am physio for a national team. I’ve put myself out there and something amazing has come out of it.

I had an email from the PR people for the Reading Marathon and I said ‘yes’ to running it despite what other bloggers seem to think about people getting offered ‘free places’. I have been running loads lately and instead of letting my past injury woes scare me I said yes, yes I will run a half marathon.

I feel like a woman on a mission at the moment. At running club someone asked me how I fit everything in. I really don’t know I said. All I know is that I got sick of saying no to lots of things because of the fear and these jelly legs that I’ve got right now. But maybe the jelly legs are a good thing? It’s the same feeling I used to get before the gun went for an 800m race when I was 15 or at the beginning of my first marathon in 2012. These jelly legs might be a sign of good things ahead. Who knows? But at least I can say I’ve taken a great big bull by the horns and had a go. Saying yes is scary but it feels scarily good too.

I’ll just leave this here…….

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