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A blog about some running type stuff.

I haven’t been blogging. Uni work is full on, things are changing lots work wise and so all the ideas that popped into my head to blog about have disappeared into a black hole before I could do anything about them. I’ve never really written a things I love/reasons I run post but all that is about to change. I am easily amused and laugh at my own jokes sometimes so if you read it and think ‘what a prick’ then fair dos.

  1. I love running because I can sometimes invent scenarios in my head that involve running. Sometimes when I run I don’t put my hair up and I imagine I’m a Soviet era middle distance athlete who has taken so many drugs that I beat all the cars to the traffic lights.
  2. I occasionally love running while listening to music. Sometimes if I listen to music I will do the dance moves with my hands if Steps or the Spice Girls are playing. I have dreadful taste in music, it’s a Tragedy (fnarr fnarr).
  3. I like running because right now I have the edge over my kids when we have running races. If we’ve had a ‘boys are better than girls’ argument I suggest a race to prove a point. I’m not sure what the point is but at least I’m winning for now.
  4. I love running because it makes me love my food.  I just had some fish pie and then I was still hungry so I went and ate some more all thanks to running. There is more room in my tummy for nice things.
  5. I love running because leggings almost become legitimate attire to wear to the school gate.
  6. I love running because wearing leggings with ridiculous patterns that you normally wouldn’t be seen dead in become acceptable.
  7. I love running because when I see patients and they mention that they run and they don’t expect me to know anything about running, I can impress them with my running knowledge of funky leggings and local parkruns.
  8. I love running because sometimes when I’ve been out ages my husband will give in and make dinner.
  9. I love running because when a prat in a van toots his horn or shouts at me I have a reason to invent newer and better swears for that idiot in my head. Running feeds my creativity.
  10. I love running because when the zombie apocalypse does happen I’ll be able to run faster and for a lot longer than most other people and will hopefully survive long enough to become involved in some kind of Walking Dead set up.

Not forgetting to mention the physical and mental health benefits but they’re a given right? When I have more time I’ll sit down and write a proper, far more intellectual and topical blog. This post is probably why they say never blog for the sake of blogging.


The Joy of Volunteering

If you read one of my last posts (it has been a while, whoops) you might remember that a new running group had been set up locally to me. I had offered my help and had started to lead a run mid week as I couldn’t make the other group runs. Following on from that though, at the requet of quite a few people, I have found myself coaching total beginners. People who have never run in their lives now want to try it and I am in the priveleged, trusted position of helping them.

For the first few sessions as a running leader I felt tremendously nervous. I would panic over whether a session was too much or not enough. Had I taken in everyone’s individual needs but also addressed the needs of the whole group? Would people feel a bit achy afterwards and not come back? Would it all just die off?

I’m glad to say that five weeks down the line people are still coming to my beginners group and the enthusiasm is still strong within my group of runners. They have been coming in rain, hail, frost and bitter cold which has surprised and amazed me. If one or two can’t come they actually seem disappointed. Last night we did our first ‘interval session’ where I got them to run a bit faster than usual and everyone was smiling. Nobody was discouraged and nobody felt they had to drop out. As we did our walk/run back to our meeting place I got them to take turns in deciding where we would walk to and where we would run from. And while they were doing this I realised I loved volunteering to help this group of non-runners on their journey to become runners. I felt proud last night and I couldn’t stop telling them how they had impressed me and how well they were doing.

I wouldn’t insult a coach with qualifications by saying I’m a coach. I’m a Running Leader volunteering to help others and it’s made me love running more than I ever have before. To see these people develop and improve in front of my eyes is fantastic and I feel humbled that they trust me to help them do it. It’s a time when it’s not about my running, it’s about helping others run and discover a like or a love for running that they didn’t think possible. I don’t want money or favours or things for doing this, I already have a job. Volunteering and helping this beginners group is purely, without a doubt for the love of running.