Sharking On

In December things got a bit shit. The gym where my physiotherapy clinic was based announced it had to close within the week due to issues with their landlord. I’d heard grumblings about money wranglings but had been assured it would all be okay. I spent money doing up my clinic room and promoted the business and had become quite busy. And then the rug was pulled out from underneath me. At the same time my husband lost a business project he was working on and his contract work had dried up. It was just before Christmas and everything we had been working hard on had fallen down around us.

Somehow we didn’t just crumble and admit defeat. Yes it was shit but we had to keep moving forward, like a pair of sharks. Never move backwards, always move forwards.

Weirdly the timing was right for me. I decided to stop looking for new premises immediately and threw everything into my masters dissertation. Gavin found more work and we started to get back into new routines and work patterns. We kept pushing forward. We decided not to flounder and allow ourselves to drown, we had to charge onwards. There were other things at stake and surrender was not an option.

On the 16th of March we had a massive flood in our house. If anything we both laughed and as I sit here in what is still a building site, because of weird decisions by appointed insurance people which are out of our control, I realised there is something to be said for taking the shark approach and continually moving forward. The week of our flood I had to hand in my masters dissertation. Fortunately the words were safe! And I handed it in on time while the flood damage company ripped out carpets and flooring all around me. Don’t get me wrong, we have allowed ourselves to cry, be angry, shout about it and be pissed off but instead of dwelling and giving in to shit stuff we’ve taken some control and moved on to the next step. We haven’t allowed ourselves to be consumed by anxiety and stress as we may have done in the past.

This week I found out that I passed my dissertation. I have obtained the masters degree that I have always wanted (after ditching the last one midway after having the boys). I have achieved something that I thought was no longer in my capability. Things are looking up for my business as well. I’m seeing people at their own homes and demand has come to a point where I can justify looking at renting a property to convert into a clinic. My clinic never went away really, it just lost it’s home for a bit.

So basically when it all goes to shit, be a shark. Keep moving forward, keep fighting, keep going and never ever give up.

1 thought on “Sharking On

  1. MrsB

    Yikes you’ve been through a lot but that is hugely admirable that you’ve come through it and that with a master’s degree. I don’t think I could ever study again but maybe you have inspired me 🙂


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